A dark London in the 11th century. The life of little Rob J. changes forever when he becomes and orphan and finds out that he has the extraordinary gift of predicting people’s death.

Fostered as the apprentice of a barber surgeon, Rob starts a journey across discovering life, discipline, and his thirst for knowledge. When he reaches the age of nineteen, a Jew physician tells Rob about a medical school in faraway Persia, ruled by Avicenna, the most brilliant physician of the period.

Rob embarks on the adventure of crossing the continent to become a physician himself. Our protagonist meets a Scottish girl during a caravan journey across the desert. Mary will soon become a central figure in Rob’s memories and future.

Still, nothing will be easy for Rob in Isfahan, where he has to pretend being a Jew in order to study, and starts a relationship with the Shah himself.

The young English will soon become one of Avicenna’s most brilliant students, but plagues, war, and a tyrant ruler will constantly put his life at risk. Only love, friendship, and his strong will and vocation will ensure Rob’s survival.

The Musical

El Médico is a musical based on Noah Gordon’s novel, El Médico. It was released on October 17 at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid, and in just 3 months it became the number 1 work of critics specialized in the Spanish stage scene.

Noah Gordon has actively participated in the creative process, contributing ideas and notes. In the words of the writer, «the emotion of the novel has managed to transfer to music so that readers can now experience the adventures of Rob J. Cole in a new and wonderful way».

Each night more than 30 actors and 20 musicians live, the largest orchestra of Spanish musical theater, together with a team of more than 100 people, offer the viewer a unique experience as never before lived in a theater in Madrid.

The Novel


It is a great pleasure for me to announce the Spanish musical adaptation of my novel The Physician. Throughout the years, readers have expressed their close connection with the book, and therefore I am thrilled knowing they can now experience the adventures of Rob J. Cole in a new, captivating way.

Composer Iván Macías has written this Musical from the very essence of my novel. This script and the talented performing voices will bring my characters back to life, transferring the whole story from the book pages to a fascinating enactment.

Félix Amador has accomplished the difficult task of providing a beautiful prose for this project that is perfectly attuned with Iván’s creative work. It is my desire that readers love both the script and lyrics as much as they loved my novel.

I am humbly grateful to the genius of this brilliant creative and artistic team, and all the actors, actresses, and musicians involved. All will allow us to watch and listen my book in a beautiful, majestic performance. I wish them a great success and all the best while they get ready to launch this amazing project in Seville by the end of this year.