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It is a great pleasure for me to announce the Spanish musical adaptation of my novel The Physician. Throughout the years, readers have expressed their close connection with the book, and therefore I am thrilled knowing they can now experience the adventures of Rob J. Cole in a new, captivating way.

Composer Iván Macías has written this Musical from the very essence of my novel. This script and the talented performing voices will bring my characters back to life, transferring the whole story from the book pages to a fascinating enactment.

Félix Amador has accomplished the difficult task of providing a beautiful prose for this project that is perfectly attuned with Iván’s creative work. It is my desire that readers love both the script and lyrics as much as they loved my novel.

I am humbly grateful to the genius of this brilliant creative and artistic team, and all the actors, actresses, and musicians involved. All will allow us to watch and listen my book in a beautiful, majestic performance. I wish them a great success and all the best while they get ready to launch this amazing project in Seville by the end of this year.


Born in a family of Jewish descendants, Noah Gordon started Medicine, but abandoned his studies in order to become a journalist. However, his interest on this subject would later inspire his work as a novelist.


After working for different media as a freelance, Noah Gordon returned to his home city where he combined his job as a journalist with the elaboration of Medicine papers for different journals.


Gordon’s first novel, The Rabbi (1965), was very successful, but was The Physician (1986) –the first part of the Cole Family Trilogy, followed by Shaman (1992) and Matters of Choice (1996)- the real trigger of his career as a best-selling author, both in the United States and the rest of the world.


After several books devoted to the medicine field, The Last Jew (1999) offered a style shift to tell the story of a Jew in the city of Toledo, in 15th century Spain. His last novel, The Winemaker (2007), focuses on oenology and wine culture.



Only a few are capable of creating a Best Seller that reaches the sales level and the global success that Noah Gordon accomplished with his novel The Physician.

Published in more than 30 countries, 10 million books sold, and 5.4 million audience in its film adaptation, The Physician treasures impressive debut records that assure the success of any project associated with the novel.

Thanks to Gordon’s great narrative talent, The Physician portraits a vast number of countries and cultures, through an amazing journey that the protagonist starts in 11th century London and takes him across Europe to reach the kingdom of Persia. An adventure that puts Rob in contact with all the cultures of Old Europe, delivering an extraordinary analysis on how these ideas and traditions interact with one another and with the rest of the characters of this story.

One of the most interesting topics of the novel spanning to our days is that of the coexistence between the Three Great Cultures. Rob is a young Christian that faces the challenge of betraying his God and hides his true nature in order to stay alive in faraway places. Likewise, there is a deep reflection on the relation soul and body in the different religions, and the ethical problems derived from the eternal battle religion vs science, still present in our days.

The Physician revolves around the historic figure of famous polymath Avicenna, a Persian physician crucial to Medicine during the Middle Ages. Spain has a clear link with the story, as famous physicians Maimonides and Averroes lived in Al-Andalus in the same period, and proved the flourishing period of cultural coexistence among the three Great Religions for centuries. This cultural melting pot of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim knowledge has influenced all aspects of our modern history.